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Sonstiges: Developer Diary - The Creation of a Switch Game

Michael Grönert, am 26.12.2016, Seite 1 von 25

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2016- Part 1: Welcome to the world of video game development!
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- Part 7: The Inventory
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Part 1: Welcome to the world of video game development!
Today we are starting a new series to bring in some variety - a developer diary. I (BadToxic) recently acquired the rank of a Nintendo developer and started making a game that I would like to publish for Nintendo's new home console, Switch. My work actually began as a 3DS app, so a version for said platform isn't out of the cards, either. Since the development process takes a lot of time and it will be a while before we see a finished product, I would like to focus on Nintendo Switch as my primary platform.

In this diary I want to keep you updated on my progress and also show off what I have so far. You get to see the other side of the industry - for all those who would like to know more about how a video game is created. I will also go into other topics related to developing a game. For example, how do you become a Nintendo developer? What do you have to do? Maybe some of you aspire to be a developer themselves someday. And I want to make this series interactive. Comments, questions and feedback are expressly welcome and encouraged! From time to time I will ask you about your opinion in the form of short surveys so that you can help shape the direction if you feel like it.

It should be noted, however, that I am doing this on the side and therefore can not work regularly on this project. Besides, I'm tackling this huge project all by myself. Those familiar with the seemingly endless list of names in the end credits of big video games can surely imagine that this is a big, very time-intensive challenge which requires experience a variety of different branches.

That should be it for the beginning, so I'm curious: What do you think of this new series? Are you curious how it will turn out and would you like to contribute? Or does it not interest you at all since you are only interested in the end result? By the way: Even though I call it a "Diary", you can not expect new parts on a daily basis. Updates will follow at irregular intervals and may also depend on the amount of interest this project receives. I am looking forward to your support and hope that I can entertain you a little!

P.S. The diary is also published in German to reach a larger group of people.

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