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Sonstiges: Developer Diary - The Creation of a Switch Game

Michael Grönert, am 26.12.2016, Seite 2 von 25

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Part 2: It all begins with a first idea
Today I would like to tell you what kind of game I'm working towards but please don’t tell anybody. We don't want anyone to steal my ideas, right? ;)

I personally believe that the idea has great potential and should prove interesting to many gamers. Its working title is "Game Master" which should be quite appropriate. As the name already suggests, it will be the goal to master games or rather to become master of the games. Imagine a game comparable to Pokémon where you walk through various places of an overworld map and find… well, not Pokémon, but mini games! Yes, you read correctly, you are "attacked" by a game and you are fighting against it by playing it. Depending on how well you do this, you have the chance to "capture" it. Your first goal is clear: Gotta catch'em all!

Of course you can also evolve these games. At the beginning they may be only in black and white or on a quality level akin to Game Boy games - slow, sluggish, "hard". But the farther you advance in this game, the more status points you or the game get to distribute among the various "skills" of the game. Some skill categories would be graphics, audio, difficulty and AI, for example. So you might turn an 80s Pong game into a 3D Pong with powerups and particle effects.

Instead of Poké Balls, you use different cartridges or other data storage devices. From chunky modules to cassettes, CDs and small microchips. Certain game levels may require a specific storage device as a minimum baseline to capture them. These devices could be console-specific so that you need various consoles to use them. Said consoles would combine various properties themselves – one might be portable and only able to play small storage devices, while another would act as a stationary companion system that is compatible with a newer-generation device. Consoles can then be found, won, or bought. There are many possibilities.

To top it all off and link it to current events, I would set the game in a virtual reality space. So you are already in a digital world: A research project on an artificial intelligence, which is based on neural networks and was created in order to create the perfect game, has gone awry. The created AI has encrypted all the data of the research institute. It does not want to release it until someone has conquered the game world the AI has created. According to the AI, this will act as a sufficient incentive to play its game and it wants to take the opportunity to learn more and further improve the game. Thus the story encompasses many societal-critical topics of the current generation (VR, ransomware, independently thinking and acting AIs, etc.).

While there's still a lot left open, this should prove to be a good first look at my ideas. Now I am very curious what you think of it.

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